Data center allocation
Allocation in the data center brings about a lot of advantages, including high efficiency for little money. Your data will be in safety, thanks to the system of backups and the fact, that your data are not physically situated in your office. You can replace all your applications and data to your office by changing the type of VDOM platform allocation.
Thanks to VDOM Box Server and its stable environment, web development is being democratized, freed from all previously existing limitations, and is becoming accessible to a wider range of users.

The main function of this “appliance” is to host dynamic web applications by using the VDOM and WHOLE technologies: to create and more easily manage these applications.
The box is optimized to be physically housed in any type of premises and consequently it includes built-in features for preserving data ownership and security. In other words, it is an excellent way to secure and protect sensitive data. A 2.5” screen permanently displays your VDOM Box Server status and allows you to directly perform basic management tasks without having to go through a computer.
All VDOM Box Server needs to work is an electricity supply and a network connection…
the VDOM and WHOLE technologies take care of the rest.