ProSuite organizes team work, document sharing and communication

The ProSuite applications have been especially designed for collaborative work. They are naturally made to communicate with each other and help to save your time in a simple way!

Manage the access rights to your data

The flexible system access rights management implemented in ProSuite allows you to clearly define the role of each user.

ProSuite works on a ready-to-use server

VDOM Box Server does not require any specific installation, just turn it on and connect it to the Internet. It is also possible to run the VDOM platform in a data center using a virtual machine.

Modular and adaptative to always satisfy your needs

ProSuite products can work alone or altogether, and you can attach any new product at any time you need. Thanks to ProAdmin application, all the other ProSuite applications can easly collaborate with each other.

Properly effective work with faxes

ProFax solution can automatically send your faxes to the appropriate departments and create an electronic archive with all your faxes and the possibility of searching through them.

Keep the track of each order’s state

The system of order management allows you to keep the track of each current order and have access to the log journal of already filled orders.

Work with your correspondence as with e-mail messages

With ProLetter you do not have to store the archive of paper correspondence any more. The letters recognized by OCR system will be automatically sent to appropriate department in the electronic format.

Put your invoices in good order

With the help of ProInvoice you can have access to the information about all your invoices and their state from any part of the world.

Solution for days off management

A solution that allows you to arrange your workers’ days off by automatic checking if a worker may have a vacation.

A solution that can keep your contracts in order

Store your current contracts and add new ones, search through them and keep the track of their current status.

Increase the efficiency
of your company's

The ProSuite-based solutions are created in order to automate the routine work that allows you to speed up the job execution and improve its quality.

Solutions to work well together
Keep all the corporate files in one file storage. Thanks to the flexible system of configuring the access rights, you can keep your documents confidential giving your partners access to the storage.
Besides the fact that ProPlanning is a calendar with shared access function, it can also be used as a corporate planner. Thanks to the notification function (quite the same as in social networks), planning meetings becomes handier and more effective.
ProSearch is a web application that searches the information on the hard disc drives of the corporate computers. Attach the computers to ProSearch and configure the access rights — who can handle searching and where. Thanks to the indexing of contents, you can implement even a full-text searching!
There will be no need to configure each application separately — thanks to ProAdmin, you can easily create an integrated configuration for all ProSuite applications.
Keep all the company’s contacts in one place grouping them into contact lists and using them together with your co-workers. You can also decide which contacts will be accessible to other ProContact users.
ProMail is the first web-application that works independently from mail servers and offers a full-text search through the mail and the content of enclosures. With ProMail you can grant your workers access to the company’s e-mail.
ProSuite is a set of software modules which help to make the collaboration easier.
All ProSuite applications can work both independently and interact with each other. Having purchased one of the applications you can easily broaden its functionality by purchasing other ProSuite applications. There is no need for you to buy all the ProSuite applications at once — you can choose only those products which your company needs. You can buy any other application at any time!
Virtual server
All ProSuite solutions and products can be allocated both on physical server in your office (on-premise) and virtual server, or even on a cloud in a data center. Select the icon of the allocation you are interested in to learn more about it.
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