How to work well together!

ProAdmin is the center for managing the users and their access rights for each of the ProSuite applications. Thanks to ProAdmin, everything has become simple; it is the application that manages all the rest of the applications, users and rights — everything is managed in a single place. ProAdmin is built upon the internal LDAP server of the VDOM platform and can easly be switched to the company's LDAP server.


ProPlanning is the time management software. Thanks to its multi-users and multi-planning capabalities, you can manage and schedule time in one click. Notifying your collegues about the events is also possible with ProPlanning. The novelty of ProPlanning, is that you have your own notification center to invite any user of ProPlanning. It is fast and simple. For those users who use Microsoft Outlook there is a special plug-in for synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with ProPlanning. Thanks to VDOM API technology, ProPlanning can communicate with other applications


Keep all the company’s contacts in one place grouping them into contact lists and using them together with your co-workers. You can also decide which contacts will be accessible to other ProContact users.

Are you using Microsoft Outlook? Combine it with ProContact with the help of plug-in and enjoy the advantages of this multi-user electronic organizer! The functionality of PROContact can be enlarged in combination with other ProSuite applications.


ProMail is the first web application that works independently from mail servers and offers a full-text search through the mail and the content of enclosures. With ProMail you can grant your workers access to the company’s e-mail. The flexible system of managing the access rights allows you to grant/deny users access to some data of the corporate e-mail.

The functionality of ProMail can be enlarged in combination with other ProSuite applications.

To create a document, you often need to share it. Some time ago an e-mail was widely used for this purpose, but then it became a nightmare to merge all sources! This time is over. ProShare is a shared space on the Internet for several people to work on one and the same document. Thanks to its native integartion with your OS, there is no need to make complex operations to share your document, you just need to put it in the shared folder!

ProSearch is unique! Imagine beeing able to find all the documents stored on your PC or Files serves like Google does! ProSearch is the powerful Internet search engine applied to your company.

Select the folder that you want to index, let ProSearch process it, connect to the web interface, input the keywords you want to find in your documents and ProSearch will return the result immediately. There is only one thing left: just download it.